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In Terms of Production and Creation_Vol.5

Design Gallery UAP, 9 Wolnica Str.
Opening: March, 10, 18:00
Duration of Exhibition: March, 10-19

Curators: Bogumiła Jung,  Karolina Tylka – Tomczyk

Jakub Garstkiewicz 
Marta Gębska
Magdalena Grenda
Michał Filipiak
Bogumiła Jung
Dariusz Kuźma
Magdalena Jugo
Agnieszka Mazurek
Małgorzata Paruch-Piotrowska
Bartłomiej Pawlak
Łukasz Stawarski
Kamila Szcześniak
Karolina Tylka – Tomczyk
Marzena Wolińska

The exhibition entitled In Terms of Production and Creation_Vol.5 / Department of Design and Guests presents the essence of creativity in the area of DESIGN as spanned between two poles: large-series design for industry and experiments in individual projects.

The unique OBJECTS are the results of the authors’ research in the fields of shaping new forms of products and discovering innovative constructions and material possibilities within the framework of sometimes only generally outlined functions. This is a kind of first step, triggering inspiration and indicating the direction for further development of creative imagination. On the other hand, there is the entire sphere of industrial production, where the designer’s activity is closely related to the rigours of mass production, which leads to the creation of PRODUCTS—the results of a diligently conducted design process.

Both presented categories complement one another, creating a broad, contemporary trend in design, which is a real expression of the material culture of our times. They make it possible to create added value, enriching our reality and improving the way it functions on many different levels. Namely, designers particularly focus on the needs of users—especially those who have special requirements, for example, resulting from age and decreasing efficiency. These issues are addressed in particular in doctoral projects, recently implemented in cooperation with the designers of the Department of Design.

At the same time, there are other interesting paths of exploration, in which the possibilities of free creative expression intertwine with the advantages of single or small-lot production, involving design, prototyping and production, using the so-called 3D printing. This area combines both of the above-mentioned spheres: the special creative freedom is accompanied by the possibility of implementing relatively quick prototypes and executive projects. And this is the essence of the designers’ profession, that they can work under conditions of great creative freedom and in the strict framework of serial production or somewhere in between … They can sometimes express themselves through individual creation or through new, better forms that, thanks to the design, will offer new solutions for products that create a new quality in our environment. Thanks to the use of the best versions of materials and technologies, designers can significantly reduce the consumption of raw materials and energy, and eliminate the generation of waste.

The authors of all objects presented at the exhibition are research and teaching staff and PhD students associated with the Department of Design at the Faculty of Architecture and Design of the Magdalena Abakanowicz University of the Arts in Poznań.

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  • Published on: 08.03.2023, 10:38
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