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Axis | Wojciech Hora
Gallery Rotunda, building A, 29 Marcinkowskiego Str.

Work inspired by a place, existing thanks to it, is physically dependent.

Rotunda is a space with a cross-section of a circle – an ideal figure – the center of which determines the central axis that organizes the space. The balance of forces generated by this axis is directed towards and centrifugally with a specific potential to influence gravity. Each structure and spatial situation has a specific axis – a central point that organizes various aspects of the whole, allows them to be defined and significantly influences their characteristics. This axis is also a kind of string that creates a specific tuning of a given system, often resonating with a unique sound, usually inaudible to humans, but always existing in its potential.

In the case of Rotunda it is obvious, in all other structures it becomes more complicated…

The phenomena described are universal.

Wojciech Hora

  • Author: o.petrenko
  • Published on: 03.11.2023, 15:48
  • Last edit: 03.11.2023, 15:48