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Head of the Studio: prof. dr hab. Katarzyna Podgórska-Glonti
Assistant: dr Marta Wyszyńska, ad.
Location: building E / room 42

Stage Design Studio was established in 2005. From the very beginning, the studio’s programme has involved interdisciplinary work in the studio, but also the implementation of projects in other spaces, in cooperation with students of other universities, and with artists. Our students carry out their artistic concepts in cooperation with theatres and other cultural institutions. Classes consist of individual conversations, corrections, and discussions. We assume that students who join our studio are interested in theatre, including experimental theatre, and in finding individual ways of artistic expression. We allow them to design and carry out their own artistic concepts. We prepare students to design for different types of scenes: conventional, outdoor, non-theatrical, post-industrial spaces, and for performance activities.

End-of-year exhibition 2022/2023
End-of-year exhibition 2021/2022
End-of-year exhibition 2020/2021
End-of-year exhibition 2019/2020

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  • Published on: 04.08.2023, 13:28
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